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The object of admiration of all over the world for centuries, Venice is a unique city and a living museum where art permeates daily life. You can walk for hours, days or years and will always be surprised; you will discover something different every time; you will find new emotions and wonders!
Apart from the outstanding St. Mark's Square, defined by Napoleon Bonaparte as "the most beautiful salon in Europe", with the gorgeous Basilica and imposing Doge's Palace, the city offers several beautiful, picturesque and often secret corners.
By getting lost in this labyrinth of 100 islands connected by more than 400 bridges, by breathing in the atmosphere of the hidden calle (roads) and campi (squares), you will become part of this incredible city.

Of course, a gondola tour is not to be missed! Enjoy the ride while serenaded by a handsome gondolier and discover the small canals just behind the Grand Canal.
Pamper yourself sipping a traditional "ombra" (glass of white wine) with "cicchetti" (canapés) in the bars around Rialto Bridge.
Last but not least, exploring Venice lagoon is an unforgettable experience! Murano, a set of five small islands very famous because of the workshops where families pass on, from generation to generation, the secrets of the traditional glass blowing; Burano, with its colourful houses, narrow façades that blend with the canals, and extraordinary lace threads; Torcello, the oldest and most remote one, with its special charm.


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