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Sardinia is an island in the absolute sense, with a distinguished geographical and cultural personality. It is a single block, almost a continent in itself, with its own language, distinctive landscapes and even a different fauna. It is an island kissed by the wind, wild in the arid interior, warm on the coast where it becomes island of beaches. Sandy beaches that fade from white to pink to gold, beaches lapped by crystal clear sea and all shades of blue, deserted beaches, exclusive beaches, secret beaches.

It is a magic island for its beauty, proud of its origins, genuine in its traditions, full of masterpieces and surprising in gastronomy. It is a mysterious island like the "nuraghi" studding it, as silent witnesses of an ancient civilization. It is a Catalan island in Alghero, a Phoenician island in Tharros. It is also a craft island as shown by its jewellery, pottery and embroidery. Island, precisely.


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