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Naples and Amalfi coast

Naples is a world apart, a city that has the structure of a novel. The streets are filled with stories that ask to be told. Stories of an ancient and modern flavour as the city itself, that over the time has exacerbated the unconventional nature of its beauty. Ancient palaces, magnificent gates, up and down streets, castles, churches that are embedded in the houses and go beyond them.

A short distance away, stands the Vesuvius volcano, life and soul of this city. At its feet, lies Pompeii, splendid and terrible like its broken history. In front, the Gulf of Naples takes unexpected depths and multiple perspectives while going down to the Amalfi Coast, an extraordinary mixture of history and nature, with a lot to discover: several picturesque villages climbed on the rocky coastline, the luxuriant gardens of Sorrento, the Cathedral of Amalfi, the villas of Ravello. In the distance, stand out the islands: the elegant Capri, the wilder Ischia, the less known Procida.


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