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Milan and the Lakes region

The Italian haute couture and design capital, famous all over the world for its fashion houses and trendy shops. If you wish to keep up-to-date on latest trends, you must visit it!
Apart for this, the city has a rich cultural heritage, a vibrant nightlife and a unique cuisine.

Exploring Milan is a surprising experience as, behind its austere charm, the city offers much more than expected: the outstanding Cathedral with its imposing Baroque and neo-Gothic fa├žade; the labyrinthine Castello Sforzesco; the Galleria Vittorio Emauele, Milan's living room; La Scala theatre, Italian Opera temple, inaugurated in 1778; the Last supper by Leonardo Da Vinci in the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, arguably the greatest temple of the Renaissance.
After dark, Milan turns into the Italian capital of nightlife and cuisine: trendy bars, lively discos and innovative as well as traditional restaurants liven up the city!

Located in the Northern part of Italy, nearby the border, this area is graced with shocking beauty and incredible diversity. Set in the pre-alps beautiful valleys, there are three main lakes, Como, Garda and Maggiore, along with several smaller ones. In visiting this area, you will find a wonderland that will lure you back and back again! The hillsides drape down to the lakeshores scattered with lovely villages. Every corner is a picture opportunity.

Enjoy pleasant walks through flowers, cypresses, chestnuts, sycamores and palm trees parks; gaze at the architectural wonders visiting churches, museums and villas; sip a cappuccino at one of the many bars on the lakeside; stroll through the local markets: no matter what you do, you will be delighted with the atmosphere and calm beauty of these places!


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