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"You will not see anything in the world greater than Rome". These few words contain all the charm and the emotion of a city that, for more than 2.000 years, has been the beating centre of the known world.
Visiting the city means to face twenty-seven centuries of history: from the excavations that have brought back to light the first settlements of the shepherd communities who founded the town in the VII-VI century b.c. to the magnificent monuments of the Republican and Imperial ages, to the walls and Castles of Medieval epoch, to the Renaissance and Baroque palaces, gardens, squares and fountains, up to the newest buildings made of steel and fiberglass, not to forget the various and gorgeous churches of every epoch that stud the city.

Add to all of this a pleasant climate, almost always warm and sunny, a traditional coking full of appetizing dishes, plenty of stores and handicraft shops, corners with caf├ęs where to sit and sip an aperitif, wide green spaces where to walk.
You will get the perfect setting for an unforgettable experience! If you spend even few hours in this city, will keep bright memories of it and will wish to come back as soon as possible.


  • Via Cesare Baronio, 50 
    00179 Roma
  • tel. 06 45426557
    fax. 06 45426631
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